Project Rebuild

In conjunction with Fresh Start Refugee Assistance Center, an Afghan-American led non-profit, and’s ReUp Refugee Tech Re-Skilling Program, Operation Code is pleased to announce that we are expanding our Project Rebuild Refugee Tech Training Program. Since March 2022, Operation Code launched the initial pilot cohort, with 8 Afghan refugee participants in attendance. We have expanded the cohorts to include Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainian transitioning military service members and their spouses.

Fresh Start provides wraparound services such as: initial refugee resettlement efforts, ESL classes, driver’s education and licensing, affordable housing, mental health and cultural transition support as well as job search assistance.

Operation Code provides hands-on tech training and ongoing mentorship, apprenticeships and hiring by providing our refugee participants a scholarship to complete one certification during the six-month cohort. Pairing a refugee with a Veteran or military spouse mentor to meet on a regular cadence, our two communities can continue to “rebuild” our parallel experiences, provide a tech-focused workforce development program and help refugees obtain high paid and meaningful work.

Through ongoing partnerships and hiring partners, ReUP by Globally also helps to accelerate and simplify the job hiring process for newly arrived Afghans in the United States, providing candidates with a path to access opportunities commensurate with their prior work experience and education.

Are you interested in participating in future cohorts of Project Rebuild as a student? We currently train and provide scholarships for at least one tech Google certification in these areas: cybersecurity, data analytics, digital marketing and e-commerce, UI/UX design, and project management. Pending financial assistance available, we may also cover one (1) tech certification exam such as A+, Network+ or Sec+.

Each cohort runs for six (6) months conducted remotely at your own pace. We will pair you with a mentor in our military community who currently works in tech and fits your objectives and/or geographical location. You must have proficient English speaking and reading capability and proficient computer and keyboard use.

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We need your help to continue this impactful and life-changing program! You can provide in-kind donations such as new laptops, software licenses, or volunteer as a tech mentor or hiring partner!

We also need financial donations that will go directly to support the participants to be able to focus on their certifications and tech training through a living stipend. Donate what you can.

The funds for the Project Rebuild Program is dependent on your financial support and not taken from our general fund for U.S. military service members, Veterans and military spouses. Please consider supporting this life-changing program and directing your donations specifically for Project Rebuild.

WE CANNOT MEET OUR MISSION WITHOUT YOUR HELP! DONATE YOUR BEST AMOUNT TODAY. Contact us to volunteer or donate in-kind services/hardware/software at: staff@operationcode.orgOpens in new window