The fastest way for military, veterans and their families to get coding. Learn about code schools, scholarships, career opportunities, and more.


Save Time

Hack and pair program with a software mentor at no-cost. It's our way of saying thank you.


Hands-on Coding

We use Slack, a real-time communication app to post questions and answers, and share snippets of code. We also jump on Screenhero to pair program sharing screens.


Expert Insights

Our software mentors work the full spectrum from tech startups to defense federal contractors. They're committed to ensuring our military, veterans, and their families learn the new 21st century literacy skill.


Nurturing Space

Our growing community of software enthusiasts will help you learn about code schools, scholarships, jobs, gain real-world programming experience, and more.

What We Do

We ensure all service members, veterans and their families are ready for new career paths in software development through our uniquely tailored programs & services.


Software Mentorship

Our peer-to-peer software mentorship program is uniquely designed to support you in your transition to tech and the world of software all remotely, all online. All branches, levels welcome. How we mentor.

Scholarship Program

Through scholarships from participating code schools and industry software conferences, gain access and accelerate your transition to a career as a software developer. Learn more.

Employer Services

Beyond providing feedback on your resumé, we provide intros to software companies to get your foot in the door and pursue a career in a fast-paced and exciting industry that is growing by the day. About our employer services.


Our in-house web development team employs military veterans to build websites and web applications while returning profits back into our nonprofit organization to build organizational capacity. Meet the team.



In a world where the majority of code schools are not accredited by the VA, we'll defend veterans who might be taken advantage of while continuing to support code schools with state and VA accreditation. Get in touch.

Why Operation Code?

We're on a mission to enable new career paths for military, veterans and their families in software development and coding.