Chapter Leaders

Operation Code is looking for volunteer Chapter Leaders to build local communities nationwide! Tell us more about yourself hereOpens in new window and help further our mission to get the military community into the tech industry!

Who is a Chapter Leader?

An Operation Code Chapter Leader organizes meetups and events at the local level, and establishes relationships with local companies, educational institutions, and other organizations, in order to help build the community and support the mission. Chapter Leaders are people who are...

  • Representative of the Operation Code values.
  • Dedicated, reliable and has consistently displayed participation in the community.
  • Able to understand the community dynamics and encourages members to have a voice. They empower people.
  • Organized, and able to stay on top of their multiple responsibilities, such as managing events and recruiting new members.
  • Passionate communicators that have a strong desire to connect with like-minded people.
  • Able to explain basic programming concepts to chapter members if necessary, as new chapter members may range from being senior software developers, to having little or no experience with software development.
  • Enforce the Code of Conduct on Operation Code web communities.
  • Host events, including trainings, talks, hack nights, etc.
  • Build partnerships in the local community.
  • Raise fundsOpens in new window and in-kind donations in support of the mission.
  • Build and integrate the infrastructure necessary to sustain the chapter.
  • Reach out to potential new members, receiving and integrating them to the team.
  • Advocate for and promote the organization in the local community.
  • Help members learn, grow, and find jobs!

Think you are interested in becoming a Chapter Leader? Click here.Opens in new window