Operation Code Challenge

Welcome to the Operation Code challenge! The goal of this challenge is to get you to easily commit your first change to a program, see the results of the change, and leave your mark on Operation Code itself! To do this we're going to take a look at a source code repository, clone the repository, make a change to a file and finally create a pull request.

  1. Firstly, visit our GitHub repository for this pageOpens in new window. GitHub is a website dedicated to hosting source code. The code for this website is publically available! Take a moment to explore GitHub. You can see the code for this specific pageOpens in new window.
  2. Secondly, fork the repository. Forking a repository takes a snapshot of the code and places that snapshot into your personal GitHub. GitHub allows you to contribute code between forks and their original repository. This process is how everybody contributes to open source. After forking, you will visit this linkOpens in new window  and click on the button near the top-right corner of the screen: screenshot of 'Fork' button on GitHub In a few moments, you will be redirected to your own copy of this website's source code.

    Congratulations! You have "forked" the "repo"!
  3. Now that you have a fork of the "repo", it's time to edit the necessary file to add your name to the list below! Go to the /public folder, then the /static folder, click on theoperationcode_challenge directory and click on the file callednames.js. On the right-hand side, you should seea button with a pencil icon. Click it.
  4. Add your name to the bottom of the list of names.
  5. Scroll to the bottom for the Commit changes form. There are two input boxes. In the input field with "Update names.js", type Add <YOUR NAME> to challenge list. You will leave the second, large input field blank. There are two "radio" buttons below the input fields. Check the one that says "Create a new branch". Your screen should now have something like this:

    screenshot of what the screen should look like on GitHub thus far

    Once you confirm the similarities, clickscreensot of the 'Propose file change' button
  6. With your changes merged into your fork (your name added to the list in your copy of the code), head back to Operation Code's front-end repositoryOpens in new window.
  7. Click on the "Pull requests" tab. It rests between the "Issues" and "Project" tabs.
  8. Click on the green "New pull request" button.
  9. You should now be at the "Open a pull request" screen. We do not wish to ask ourselves for permission to merge our new branch into our own fork! Instead,  click Opens in new window , to open Operation Code's "New pull request" interface. You should see a "Compare changes" headline. Just below that is a link within the text:  'compare across forks' - click it. Now, click on the selector that says ' head fork' at the beginning, and choose your fork. Click the next selector to the right, and choose your new branch. Now, you're comparing Operation Code's main branch with your new fork's branch, and you may clickscreenshot of the 'Create pull request' buttonto create your first Pull Request! We hope you come to love that button...
  10. NOTE: A pull request is how people throughout the world are able to contribute to open source software - like Operation Code's website! When you submit a pull request it notifies the maintainers of the project, and runs some automated checks. The maintainers then look at the new changes, and decide if they want it merged into their repository.

  11. When you're ready, click the "Create pull request" button. Our staff will be notified and a few minutes after the pull request is accepted and merged your name will show up below!
Congratulations - you've made your first open source commit!
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